Thursday, January 27, 2011

The first step...down a longwinded road...

I'm sure that if you've stumbled onto this little slice of the world-wide interweb you may be asking yourself, "why does the world need another amateur bloviating about music?!" Maybe the world doesn't need another music critic...maybe my time would be better spent investing in "green jobs" or doing segway tours of Escondido? Oh well...

I consider myself quite the music snob...and when it comes to high levels of music snobbery I would rate myself at an "11". My idea for doing this was probably born while I was touring with my old band. Hours upon hours spent with people, living in quarters that the word "close" doesn't begin to describe. You could either driving...sleep...or talk. Much of that idle chatter revolved around music, or more specifically, music questions. "Greatest rock band of all time?" "Best pop album of the 60's?" "Could a Smiths reunion really be legitimate if it was done without Mike Joyce or Andy Rourke?" These are the pressing questions that faced me time and time again, usually during long stints through the wastelands just east of El Paso, or west of Fargo. Lot's of time...and a plethora of music history to wade through. This brings me to this blog, "Manic Compression"...a thinly veiled reference to one of my favorite bands (Quicksand), and my attempt to review the music I love without all the filler.

So welcome...feel free to comment...and remember this: I am reviewing music I think is awesome, and music that I believe is worth your time (and money...because stealing music is in fact, stealing). Occasionally I might review bad music...because we all know it exsists...and because some people might need an education as to what qualifies as "bad music"...but for the most part this will be my attempt at being relevant. There will be new records, old records, new bands, old bands, and most likely a ton of amazing bands that are no longer making great music. Enjoy.

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