Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Picks - 01/28/11

Every friday I will be posting a short list of my "picks" for the weekend. These are be bands that have been dominating my car stereo, and monopolizing my Itunes playlists. They should now in turn dominate your cd players and Itunes playlists. (That isn't merely a suggestion by the's an order!).

Weekend Picks - 01/28/11

-Amusement Parks on Fire: "Road Eyes"
-A Day To Remember: "What Separates Me From You"
-Unbroken: "The Death of True Spirit"
-The Temper Trap: "Conditions"
-Eisley: "Combinations"
-Torche: "Songs for Singles"

Buy these records...thank me later.

Note: The picture posted above is a live shot of one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time...Unbroken. San Diego, represent.


  1. LOVE Eisley. Nice list. Thanks for checking out WashedUpEmo. Email me at, you open to playing a solo show in NYC this spring?

  2. Eisley is the greatest homeschooled band ever. I will nominate Sleeping At Last too.

  3. Sleeping At Last...nice suggestion Matt. I didn't know you were so're usually hunkered down with a Big Country rarity or something :)