Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maritime - "Paraphernalia"

I've been a little out of sorts this last week...and my lack of quality posts has become somewhat of an annoyance for me. Not because I think the world is anxiously awaiting my next musical proclamation...but because I feel like I've had a lot to write about (musically), but I've had a hard time actually making sense of all the half-thoughts jogging about in my brain. If I can't put together a solid, coherent, musical thought I just as well should spare you, the reader, from having to wade through my nonsense. With all that out of the way, the mid-week palate cleanser is from one of my new favorite bands: Maritime.

If any of you had any good-taste moments in the late 90's you were more than likely a fan of The Promise Ring. They were the "pop" side of the "emo" spectrum back in the day...and delivered a handful of albums that were fun, upbeat, and had loads of hooks. It was music you could bounce your head you could dance to...without all the trappings of having to look like you played keytar in The Faint (and without the suck-factor that came along with everything associated with The Faint). It was great music without the pretense. This brings me to Maritime, a new band fronted by Davey von Bohlen. It's amazing slices of pop goodness...mixed in with a nice nod to bands like The Cure and The Smiths/Moz. Full review of their record will come tomorrow, but until then please sit back and enjoy their new video for "Paraphernalia".

Buy their record...thank me later.

Note: This video was actually shot amidst a raging Wisconsin blizzard. That's real wind and snow for all you West Coast people. No fake wind machines = awesome.


  1. They were sort of one of those pre-Dashboard emo bands like Jimmy Eat World in the 90s.

  2. The Promised Ring that is. I didn't realize those guys were from Milwaukee.