Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Picks - 04/01/11

This week my playlist was dominated by Kathleen amazing singer and songwriter from Canada. Sure, Canada has given us some clunkers over the years but Edwards easily makes up for it with her perfect voice set to an alt-country soundtrack. The one song of hers that stands out to me is "Copied Keys", and song about moving to a new place for someone...and trying to build a life around one that is already rooted. It reminds me of when I moved to Canada back in the day...I knew one person and was thrown into a life that already had 20+ years of stuff in it.

"...and your favorite find is just my second-hand secret..."

Brilliant. While I was devouring her "Back To Me" record, I also found time to listen to some other great bands. Again, my music tastes are usually all over the map stylistically...and this week was no different. I have never had a tough time listening to Swedish metal, only to hear Johnny Cash with the next song. Great music IS great, regardless of the genre...and everyone should have room in their play lists for In Flames, and Adele! Enjoy...

Weekend Picks - 04/01/11

-Kathleen Edwards - "Back To Me"
-Stars - "The Five Ghosts"
-Creeper Lagoon - "Remember The Future"
-At The Drive In - "Relationship Of Command"
-Killswitch Engage - "As Daylight Dies"
-Hey Mercedes - "Loses Control"

Buy these records...thank me later.

Note: Here is a great live video of Kathleen Edwards performing the incredible "Copied Keys". I'm always a sucker for a Pedal Steel...

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