Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cush - "Always Disappear"

If you ever happen to read, or your try to stay "up" on new releases, you most likely have come to the sad realization that much of the "new" music being released these days is rubbish. Sure, there have always been bad albums that have been released upon an unsuspecting populace..."real" housewives singles...lindsay lohan...vampire weekend...all charlatans of suck if you ask me. Because of this phenomenon, I like to take it upon myself to "champion" bands I think deserve a little of your time. Bands that deserve to be heard above all the generic drone that's hyped on music sites. Now I don't have some overwhelming sense of self-importance...I realize that there really aren't droves of people clamoring to read about my thoughts on music (regardless of what I tell myself before I go to sleep). So with all of my rambling out of the way, I give you the new single by Cush. It's atmospheric and dreamy...and musically it picks up where they left off in 2000 with their only full length LP. It's awesome...and it's probably going to make your entire week. Enjoy...

Buy their records...thank me later.


  1. You know these guys, right? When can we expect a second track for the "Black Hear, White Soul" album? I agree, this song is fantastic.

  2. Yes, I know them...but everything they do is shrouded in I am out of the loop on all things "Cush". Ask me a Prayer Chain question and I could probably get the answer...ask me a Cush question and I'm no help to anyone :)
    I'm glad you enjoy it. I really liked their first LP...and the EP's kind of threw me for a loop stylistically. I think this sounds like classic Cush. I'll try to get more info for you on album stuff...

  3. Holy crap there's new Cush! I had no idea. Super excited about this.