Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking Back Sunday - "Cute Without The E" (Cut From The Team)

Here is a mid-week palate cleanser from Taking Back Sunday. I loved the movie "Fight Club"...and I enjoyed their adaptation of it in this video. Back in the day (when I was making music videos), music video budgets for "indie" bands were really if you look at the majority of videos from the early 2000's, you get a lot of videos that look the same. They all seemed to follow the same basic which I'll try to break down for you:

Indie-rock music video 101: Band playing in corn field. Cut to cute girl breaking up with guy (lead singer of band playing in said corn field). Cut to lead singer of band who is bummed because the girl dissed him (he deserves better, right?!). Cut to band...instruments aren't plugged in since there is no electricity in the corn field but band continues to play with reckless abandon. Cut back to lead guy writing poetry about girl (ties in with the lyrics of actual song). Cut to lead guy mailing letter to girl. Band still rocking in field. Bridge of the song: Cut to girl reading letter. Cut to "screamer of the band" getting his cameo during their "hardcore" part. Cut to lead singer picking up phone. Cut to girl calling to get back together. Cut back to "screamer" just pushing the jr. high lyrics of lead guy to "11". Cut to lead guy walking with girl (holding hands). Cut to some ironic closing scene with thousands of letters from the lead guy to girl in the trash (or something akin to that) so we can visualize his overwhelming sense of rejection/inferiority/poor writing skills. Fade out from corn field.

Did you get all that? Kudos to Taking Back Sunday for making a video that doesn't suck. Enjoy...

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