Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Picks - 02/04/11

Here is the second installment of my "weekend picks"...the definitive list of music that is sure to make your weekend a glorious one, regardless of how cold it might be outside. I see it as my way to warm the hearts and minds of those readers who don't have the luxury of living in San Diego during the winter. For the record, it's 74 degrees with nary a cloud in the sky...

Weekend Picks - 02/04/11

-Gates: "The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home"
-Matt Pond Pa: "Emblems"
-Fugazi: "In On The Kill Taker"
-Jawbox: "Self Titled"
-The Killers: "Live From The Royal Albert Hall"
-This Will Destroy You: "Young Mountain"

Buy these records...thank me later.

Note: The picture posted above is a live shot of of the greatest bands of all time...and one of the best live bands you'll ever see.

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  1. The Killers have a DVD from that Royal Albert Hall show. It's really an incredible venue.