Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fugazi - "Song #1" (Live)

Here is a mid-week palate cleanser from Fugazi...easily one of the greatest punk bands of all time. Always known for their DIY ethic, they were instrumental in showing bands, and musicians, that you could do "music" on your own terms. They showed that you didn't need big-budget managers, you didn't need huge record labels, and that you didn't need to commercialize your art to be successful. Their records were always sold at a fair price, their live shows were usually $5 to get into, and their "punk" spirit inspired thousands of kids to start bands, and thousands of people to start their own record labels. I remember back in 2000 I mailed a letter to Ian MacKaye telling him how much Fugazi meant to me, and how they were an inspiration to me musically. I admit it was a fairly juvenile expression of fan-boy enthusiasm...but I sent it anyways. A few weeks later I got a letter back from him, thanking me for my support and encouraging me to keep doing music on my own terms. Probably one of the nicest notes I've ever received from someone I looked up to musically (and probably the only one). Watch the video...enjoy a few minutes of a real band rocking in a high school auditorium...playing with more emotion and passion in 2 minutes than most bands could muster in an entire career. Enjoy...

Buy their records, start a band...thank me later.

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