Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Picks - 03/04/11

I was born in a tiny little farming slice of Minnesota back in 1976. The town still only has one stop-light...a Lutheran church on every corner...and most of the names in the phone book are "Johnson", "Peterson", or some other Scandinavian concoction. If any of you have ever heard Garrison Keillor talking about "Lake Wobegon," my home town could very well be the town his act is based on. Although I technically grew up in California, I've always been partial to my Minnesota roots. As I grew up I not only became more obsessed with Twins baseball (For the record, I am the biggest Twins fan west of The Mississippi), I also got into the loads of bands that have called Minnesota their home. This week it was all Minnesota for me musically (since my musical nerddom actually means I have an Itunes playlist entitled "Minnesota"), and this weekend should be all Minnesota for you!

Weekend Picks - 03/04/11

-The Hold Steady: "Stay Positive"
-The Replacements: "Let It Be"
-Low: "Things We Lost In The Fire"
-Prince: "Purple Rain"
-Husker Dü: "Zen Arcade"
-The Dillinger Four: "Versus God"

Buy these records...thank me later.

Note: The picture above is me...Christmas 0f '87...the year The Twins won the World Series...the Christmas I ended up receiving every piece of WS memorabilia...and ended up trying to wear it all at the same time.

Note Part II: The Hold Steady, being part of the Twins faithful, wrote a "fight song" for the Twins last year...and it's awesome. Enjoy...

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