Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend Picks - 03/18/11

I have over 8000 songs milling about in my Itunes player. That is 55 days straight of music...starting with A.F.I. and ending with Zwan. It's a cornucopia of musical goodness (in my humble opinion) that seems to give me a never ending supply of things to write about. This week I was reminded of how much I love Starflyer59...and how their "Americana" record was sorely underrated. I was also brought back to my touring days hearing Moneen...Canada's finest group of rockers, and probably the nicest group of people I ever had the privilege of sharing the stage with. This weekend you have the fine opportunity to get yourself into 2 indie bands that deserve your attention (Summer Darling, and Little Hurricane)...and 4 other groups that you should already be listening to on a regular basis. I admit, I am mildly delusional thinking that anyone who reads this will actually go and listen to these records...but my hope is that you, lover of good music, will follow my lead (you didn't realize that I was the torch-bearer of awesome did you?) and dive head-first into these fine weekend music selections! Enjoy...

Weekend Picks - 03/18/11

-Summer Darling: "Summer Darling"
-Little Hurricane: "Homewrecker"
-Moneen: "Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?"
-The Jealous Sound: "Kill Them With Kindness"
-The Deftones: "Diamond Eyes"
-Starflyer 59: "Americana"

Buy these records...thank me later.

Note: First, I need to thank Rosie from SDdialedin for turning me on to Little Hurricane. They are awesome...and since I am somewhat of a hermit I probably would have gone my whole life without hearing about them. Good thing for me that I frequent her blog. Second, the picture above is Starflyer 59 circa 1993...rocking the bowl-cuts and the Moto-guzzi bikes.

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